SKILLS SPOTLIGHT: Client-Suggested Skills

Thought Records 
- By Andrea Lynn Ferguson

Thought Records have been an exceptionally helpful tool over the course of my recovery. They take you out of your head when you’re lost in a downward spiral and ask you to translate your thoughts into words and draw connections between your thoughts, feelings, and corresponding needs. I have always found that things seem more manageable when I put them down on paper. The information I discover about myself through completing a Thought Record guides me as I’m learning to identify my emotions, and assess my needs, at any given moment. I continue to rely on Thought Records to get through difficult emotions. Sometimes they’re uncomfortable and I don’t do them as often as I need to. However, even a few every now and again is fruitful and worthwhile. Developing a curiosity about myself and my emotions has been a pivotal part of my recovery thus far, and I couldn’t have gotten there without Thought Records.

- By Alice

In one of my Sheena's Place groups, the facilitator introduced us to Kristen Neff's Self-Compassion Break. It is a 5 minute guided meditation that reminds me that everyone experiences suffering and that I am not alone. 

Click below to try it yourself!

Guided Meditations Link

Self-Compassion Break Meditation Text 

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