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For some, externalizing an Eating Disorder can make it possible to recover because it takes the illness out of the person and makes it a separate entity. It can feel like a dysfunctional relationship with a being that is both you and not you at the same time. 

Finding the metaphor that works for you in recovery is like finding a light switch is a dark and scary basement. 

This week, Ana writes about her ED as a best friend she needs to take space from. 

Take good care of yourself, and remember to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

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Incomprehensible by Ana

Best friend, I am your serving slave

You keep me company when no one else does, and help make sense of my sorrows in the most incomprehensible way.

Though I serve you, I don't like you.

You want my all; my time, my body, my mind

and in exchange you offer me nothing that I want or that I need.

How did we even became friends you and I?

We are in a toxic relationship and I'm a fool to engage in it.

For so many years.

Your destructive nature once made me tremble with its power.

But dear, haven't I told you that disasters foster creation?

I'm not happy to have you in my life but I'll settle for this long distance relationship

Worry not.

I promise that even if I miss you, 

I'll be fine.



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